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Garden Décor

Take a look at our great selection of garden décor, where you will find fantastic prices on a wide range of products to help you enjoy the outdoors, including garden ornaments, water features & ponds, decorative stones, lighting and more.

Tips for a Beautiful Outdoor Area

Lawn and Garden Maintenance: Tips for a Beautiful Outdoor Area

Picking the Perfect Barbecue

Once the weather turns warm, there's nothing better than tossing dinner on a barbecue and enjoying perfectly grilled steak, chicken, and vegetables with family and friends. Though it only takes the right marinade or recipe for a delicious barbecue dinner, it may take a bit more consideration when it comes to choosing just the right barbecue, and there are many considerations to keep in mind when shopping.

Garden Furniture Buying Guide

Whether you own or rent a home, the outdoor area is a great feature you can emphasise with quality furniture. Your porch, patio, lanai, garden, or backyard is an excellent setting for a hardy furniture set. Whether you are replacing an old set, buying a new one, or simply picking out a few focal pieces, your outdoor area will look brand new with the right garden furniture components that work together to create a comfortable space.